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of this year - Son of the Dragon King


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About us

DIEHARD STUDIOS is a game development group based on association for animation and film industry – SPAFi, digital production company GAMECR3W and strong artistic individuals, skilled professionals and game enthusiasts.

Our employees have over 10 years of experience in major video game development and film production fields: filming, animation, design, level design, digital art, programming and production coordination. We also employ talented students, who can discover their potential and develop professionally in our company. It is crucial for us to focus on the experience and passion. DIEHARD STUDIOS have also expanded the scope of its activities, offering services to many reputable companies in the video game and filming industry.

DIEHARD STUDIOS were founded in 1988 by one of the brothers from Czechia under the Diehard Software name. Diehard Software was mainly focused on ZX Spectrum Sinclair gaming industry. Now younger brother is continuing in tradition and through DIEHARD STUDIOS is focusing on remakes of retro game mechanics in modern graphics.